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dedicated to university-based competitions that foster resource-responsible and equitable living, the energy endeavour foundation believes in the spirit of robust challenges

Combining the effervescence of youth, innovation & healthy ambition, the Solar Decathlon architecture competition in Europe is its flagship project, in which teams from across the globe strive for the ultimate energy-efficient smart home.

The Energy Endeavour Foundation is forging ahead to expand the scope of its activities, raising awareness and engaging tomorrow’s generations of change-agents. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the EEF looks to these objectives as a compass to develop top-notch competitions in social, economic & environmental sustainability. The objectives of future work-forces are at the heart of the EEF’s values.

SDE rejuvenation

Key initiatives have included the re-positioning and stewarding of the Solar Decathlon initiative in Europe, on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy’s original Solar Decathlon mandate. After a 5-year hiatus since the spectacular SDE14 in Versailles, the Solar Decathlon Europe made a successful comeback in the summer of 2019 in Szentendre, Hungary! (For more information about other (upcoming) SDE editions, please go to

eef driven projects

Encouraging technological innovation, creativity and intrepid action, the EEF challenges are cross-disciplinary, high-calibre and rigorous, involving students from various institutions in Europe and abroad. A current EEF focus is on gender-balanced entrepreneurship in developing countries, with sustainability and resource-responsibility as catalysts to change, and to the empowering of tomorrow’s leaders. Projects have included the rebranding of the Solar Decathlon Europe & Energy Endeavour Foundation identity systems (l’Ecole de Communication Visuelle _ Paris); the promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives for sub-saharan communities through the Agile Africa project (l’ECV _ Aix); and the Resource-Responsible Business Task Force project, a collaboration between the EEF & the American University of Paris. This project challenges students in their course, ‘Model Europe: Comparative Public Policy in France & the European Union’, to increase knowledge and interest in the broader EEF mission.

i on stuff

A recent EEF-driven youth challenge is a project called I On Stuff. This is a film festival showcasing resource optimisation in action. Inviting industry, academia, research institutes, entrepreneurs and investors in innovation, it will be open to the broader public with parallel activities for all audiences, including children. Challenging and galvanising young active adults between 20-30 years to project inspirational solutions to overconsumption, young film-makers will provide testimonials through words (storytelling), sound (audiovisual) and moving pictures (films & interactive media).

The festival seeks to empower today’s generation of conscientious doers and makers to become tomorrow’s creative leaders and innovative transformation-agents in our built environment. We see a world filled with active responders to energy use, resource efficiency and optimisation. We can do this:

Raise awareness!
Stimulate behavioural change!
Encourage energy literacy with citizens worldwide!

Calling on fashionistas, innovators and geeks, artists and scientists, starter-uppers and influencers to project their inspirational solutions to over-consumption, this generation can show us how to optimise our stuff through storytelling and creativity. Crucially, this talented generation can show us how we can change the world.

17th Venice Architecture Biennale

Louise Holloway and the Energy Endeavour Foundation are at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale Italian Virtual Pavilion Sezione del Padiglione Italia. Curated by Tom Kovac, RMIT University and Alessandro Melis, Portsmouth University titled Cityx Venice responds to ‘How will we live together?’ curated by Hashim Sarkis MIT, organized by Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia. The exhibition is open until the 21st of November, 2021.

See Louise Holloway’s exposé on the Energy Endeavour Foundation and the Solar Decathlon Europe in the 2nd virtual gallery: – just click on the play button above the right image of the diptych! Enjoy!

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Proposals from potential stakeholders and partners for enterprise and industry-related competitions are welcome. The Energy Endeavour Foundation is eager for ideas, suggestions and support to further fuel the objectives of resource-responsible living, in our communities here and all over the world.

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