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The Energy Endeavour Foundation (EEF) launches the EEF Empowerment Fund, an entrepreneurship initiative for women pursuing careers in the built environment.

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our vision
our new mission
a steam engine for female entrepreneurship
attention women doers
some sectors for consideration
our European built environment is a lighthouse
the EEF Empowerment Fund launches in 2023
this is a trampoline & here is how
our purpose
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our vision

The EEF envisions a world where women are empowered to contribute towards the equitable reconfiguration of the built environment. We support economic, and societal, development in which arts and science contribute to each other. An arena  where creativity, communication, interpretive and cross-cultural skills are mutually interwoven with the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. And a future in which hybrid, women-driven, entrepreneurial business initiatives are supported, and propelled into action. We advocate for this bedrock of intrepid leadership in our socially cohesive, collaborative, and environmentally regenerative communities.

our new mission

The fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) have more interwoven confluences than we imagine. The integration of creative processes in scientific sectors is producing an ever-burgeoning body of professionals in the built environment. In this context, the EEF is launching an entrepreneurship fund for women pursuing careers in sustainability and resource-responsibility. The fund will support business initiatives and start-ups in which the arts are integral to the scopes of science, technology, engineering and math. Where the STEAM is integrated into STEM. The fund will serve as a trampoline, dot-connector, and platform contributing to creative business innovation in the built environment.  

here is a steam engine
for female entrepreneurship

  • empowerment for women entrepreneurs
  • creative stimulus in science, technology, engineering, math: a platform where science looks to the arts & the arts stimulate science
  • economic and workforce development for our regenerative built environment
  • equity for all in our homes, neighbourhoods, cities, communities
    enrichment for industry specialists, academic experts, and other sustainability professionals who are part of the EEF Empowerment Fund community

attention women
doers and makers in steam

  • women (or those identifying as women) in their final year of a post-secondary programme in STEAM / or those with a STEAM diploma or degree
  • candidates pursuing entrepreneurial initiatives with a focus on sustainability and / or resource-responsibility in the built environment
  • creative critical thinkers and doers, tomorrow’s leaders, proposing an interdisciplinary business initiative

some sectors
for consideration

food & agriculture
energy & efficiency
water & sanitation
waste & circular metabolisms
education & training
information & communications technology
transportation & mobility

European built environment:
a lighthouse

  • candidates are welcome to apply from cities and regions all over the European Union, including European Economic Area members or candidate members including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom
  • future cycles are in the works to invite applications from other nations, and to propel this empowerment fund worldwide

the EEF Empowerment Fund
launches in 2023

  • Applications to be submitted before March 31, 2023. (TBD)
  • First fund announcement projected for Q3, 2023. (TBD)
  • An award ceremony and celebration event in Paris, France, in Q4 2023 (TBD) will honour winners, providing a platform for networking and mentoring.

this is a trampoline
and here is how

  • The application must include a succinct and viable business plan for an entrepreneurial initiative that has positive impact on how we live in the built environment and regenerates our homes, neighbourhoods, communities, cities. The initiative will launche a product or service in which creativity contributes to science, and / or where science looks to the arts.
  • Applications must include legal documentation attesting to the establishment of a (new) business entity, no more than three years in existence.
  • Proof of preliminary and initial finance mechanisms and / or auxiliary financial support (in cash or in-kind) must be included.
  • Indication of previous engagement in similar activities / achievements / letters of recommendations / CVs must be included.
  • Key stakeholders involved in the project must be listed with their contact details.

our purpose

As part of the Energy Endeavour Foundation’s core mandate we seek to empower young professionals as they embrace the workforce challenges and corresponding solutions for our human habitat. The EEF facilitates international knowledge and technology transfers, focusing on urban sustainability topics. With an eye on youth entrepreneurship, the Energy Endeavour Foundation promotes socio-economic development and solutions to sustainability transitions and, ultimately, real-world wake-up calls.

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