the energy endeavour foundation stewards youth-driven competitions and awareness activities in the fields of social, economic, and environmental sustainability, empowering our next generations to be entrepreneurial, energy efficient, and resource responsible.

The Energy Endeavour Foundation (EEF) empowers today’s consumers and citizens to be active responders to energy use, equitable living, resource responsibility and climate change. It celebrates today’s generation of conscientious doers and makers, urging them to become tomorrow’s creative and innovative leaders. The EEF champions all energy literacy advocates, valuing human capital and entrepreneurship in our built environment.

Based in the Netherlands, the Energy Endeavour Foundation is a non-profit business entity, buttressed by the EEF Board of Directors. The EEF is endorsed by the U.S. DOE as the governing body and steward of the Solar Decathlon Europe, the premier international university competition in regenerative habitation. The Foundation draws upon the input of the Solar Decathlon Europe Council of Experts, including former SDE organisers, supporters and participants.

The activities of the EEF encompass:

  • positioning, promoting, and orchestrating youth-driven activities in the fields of resource responsibility
  • driving entrepreneurial initiatives in clean-energy business sectors
  • managing and developing strong brands and policy-books in the fields of human habitation
  • stimulating awareness through strong communication design, outreach, and brand awareness
  • governing the Solar Decathlon Europe, stewarding SDE host cities
  • transferring strategic tools, best practices, and project-specific knowledge
  • mentoring next generations of makers and doers
  • producing European-wide SDE calls for bidding cities and corresponding international SDE calls for teams
  • guiding the evolution of (SDE) competitions and contest rules
  • steering jury committees and processes
  • nurturing the liaison between worldwide Solar Decathlon competitions and inter-disciplinary research bodies
  • ensuring proper governance, professional management, and general accountability
  • providing the structure and framework for the evolution of the SDE
  • stewarding the values, vision, and mandate of the original Solar Decathlon in Europe

EEF Director Louise Holloway is dedicated to the vibrant, equitable, and ever-growing initiatives that stimulate entrepreneurship, while linking academia, industry and research initiatives in the built environment.


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