driven & inspired by competition

dedicated to university-based competitions that foster
resource-responsible and equitable living, the energy endeavour foundation believes in the spirit
of robust challenges

Combining the effervescence of youth, innovation & healthy ambition,
the Solar Decathlon architecture competition in Europe is its showcase project,
in which teams from across the globe strive for the ultimate energy-efficient
smart home.

The Energy Endeavour Foundation is forging ahead to expand the scope of its activities, raising awareness and engaging tomorrow’s generations of change-agents. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the EEF looks to these objectives as a compass to develop top-notch competitions in social, economic
& environmental sustainability. The objectives of future work-forces are at the heart of the EEF’s values.

Key initiatives have included the re-positioning and stewarding of the
Solar Decathlon initiative in Europe, on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy’s original Solar Decathlon mandate. After a 5-year hiatus since the spectacular
SDE14 in Versailles, get ready for the SDE19 in Szentendre, Hungary!

Encouraging technological innovation, creativity and intrepid action, the EEF challenges are cross-disciplinary, high-calibre and rigorous, involving students from various institutions in Europe and abroad. Projects include the rebranding of the Solar Decathlon Europe & Energy Endeavour Foundation identity systems (l’Ecole de Communication Visuelle _ Paris); the promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives
for sub-saharan communities through the Agile Africa project (l’ECV _ Aix);
and the Resource-Responsible Business Task Force project, a collaboration between
the EEF & the American University of Paris. This project challenges students in their course, ‘Model Europe: Comparative Public Policy in France & the European Union’,
to increase knowledge and interest in the broader EEF mission.

A current EEF focus is on gender-balanced entrepreneurship in developing countries, with sustainability and resource-responsibility as catalysts to change, and to the empowering of tomorrow’s leaders.

Proposals from potential stakeholders and partners for enterprise and industry-related competitions are welcome. The Energy Endeavour Foundation is eager for ideas, suggestions and support to further fuel the objectives of resource-responsible living, in our communities here and all over the world.

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