The Energy Endeavour Foundation
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Louise Holloway
Director, Energy Endeavour Foundation
Creative Director
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P.O. Box 612, 2600 AP Delft, Netherlands
// street address //
Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft, Netherlands

// bank information //
IBAN  NL54ABNA0547070179  __  BIC  ABNANL2A  __  KvK _ 67613446

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website corrections and comments to:

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Twitter: @energyendeavour
Facebook: / energyendeavour
Instagram: @energyendeavour

__EEF Board of Directors__

Professor Ir. Ena Voûte M.A.
Chairperson of the Board
Energy Endeavour Foundation
Dean, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
Delft University of Technology
Chair, Robovalley Foundation

Drs. Servaas B. Duterloo M.A.
Chief Financial Officer of the Board
Energy Endeavour Foundation
Secretary to the Board of the Robo Valley Foundation
Head of Unit Research Funding EU & International Programmes
Directorate Strategic Development
Delft University of Technology

Professor Dr.Ir. M.J.C.M. Hertogh
Chief Advisor, Energy Endeavour Foundation
Chair Infrastructure Design and Management
Chairman Delft Deltas Infrastructures and Mobility Initiative (DIMI)
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Delft University of Technology

Gyz Meurs
Business Controller, Energy Endeavour Foundation
Business Controller
TU Delft Valorisation Centre / TU Delft Holding B.V.

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