The Energy Endeavour Foundation, recent winner of the European Solar Prize, stewards student research competitions & awareness activities in the fields of social, economic & environmental resource-responsibility.

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the energy endeavour foundation is run by a tight-knit group of professionals in the fields of communication, design, sciences, architecture & finance. Through collective efforts and knowledge-sharing, they encourage & steward energy-efficient & resource-responsible solutions.


Louise Holloway
Laura Cardona
Boris Lambert
Geraldine Lorijn
Claudio Montero
Priscilla Zhang



louise holloway_
create to communicate_

Director of the Energy Endeavour Foundation, Louise Holloway is an  international business owner, communications expert, creative director, designer & educator in the fields of branding and communication. Resource responsibility is her ultimate objective.

A lover of cities, Louise is Montreal-born, hails from Paris, & today, Amsterdam is her invigorating city of choice. Louise completed her BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University. She earned her Master’s degree from the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique. After years in the film, advertising & publishing industries, she launched her Paris / Amsterdam-based communication consultancy, working with clients that include public organisations, institutions & consumer brands. Her projects have recurring links that tether industry, government, academia & the broader public. In her work, Louise focuses on brand analysis, diagnostics, positioning & identification, directing multi-disciplinary projects in cross-cultural arenas, steering account management, marketing services & creative teams.

An inspiring and award-winning professor, Louise places emphasis on communication, architecture, and the smart citizen in the urban landscape. Louise has taught and lectured extensively for the past 20+ years in France, Germany, China, Canada and beyond, leading Master’s and executive seminars, most recently in the faculties of architecture at TU Delft and RWTH Aachen. She is a regular thesis advisor and adjudicator for international design competitions. Louise integrates creative methodologies with her client projects, studios and labs, weaving words and pictures into effective, long-lasting communication solutions.

Louise was the in-house copywriter and manager of the contest in Communication & Social Awareness for the SDE 2014; she was author of the Solar Decathlon Speed Peer Review series and chief creative officer for SDE14 ceremonies. She served as the communications and creative director of the Solar Decathlon Europe Secretariat and is now the Director of the Energy Endeavour Foundation, the non-profit organisation dedicated to the continuity of the Solar Decathlon Europe. Louise’s leadership has has resulted in the revival of the SDE, with two successful Calls for Cities and Calls for Teams.

In her mission to capture and drive the momentum of the Solar Decathlon in Europe, Louise is dedicated to the vibrant and ever-growing SDE community. Her upcoming initiatives include linking academia, industry and research in the quest for collaborative contributions to resource responsibility.


laura cardona_
stories to tell_
editorial officer

Chief Editorial Officer of the Energy Endeavour Foundation, Laura is a graduate in Science Communication. Connecting people from different backgrounds, disciplines and expertises through narrative is what she enjoys most.

Bicultural at heart, Laura has a Colombian spirit with a flavor of Dutch determination. Amsterdam is her home, but she is currently doing her studies at the Delft University of Technology. Coming from the neurosciences Laura received her BSc at the University of Amsterdam. There, her passion for writing and storytelling in science was ignited. It brought her to Delft where she was introduced to themes in energy-efficiency, source responsibility & the built environment.

At ease to switch between different disciplines, Laura currently focuses on the study, design, and participation in communication between a range of stakeholders such as scientific experts, representatives from industry, policymakers, and general public. What drew her to her studies was that it not only teaches how to facilitate communication in the public sphere, but also provides the knowledge and skills to design and optimise strategic communication processes.

In her journey towards becoming a professional strategic communicator, Laura applies her academic knowledge to her activities for the Energy Endeavour Foundation working towards engaging narratives that reflect the vibrant identity of the Solar Decathlon Europe.


boris lambert_
strategy & pipeline_
admin & finance advisor

Boris is a graduate of the American University of Paris in International Business Administration. His 30 year international experience in finance and business administration make him an expert in business processes & transformation, finance and project management. He has gained solid knowledge in revenue recognition, accounting, business controls & reporting on an international level. He participates in and leads many projects in business process design and systems (ERP) implementations.

Boris was customer fulfilment and acquisitions integration manager for IBM for 10 years. He lead a team assisting acquired companies in the transition of legacy sales orders, contracts, customer data into IBM processes, business controls, systems and fulfilling sales orders for Europe, Middle east and Africa.

Boris was a key player in the setup of a Shared Services Centre (Amsterdam based) covering all finance functions for Cognos Europe (software company, 10+ offices, 350M$ revenue). He then took the role of customer fulfilment manager for the centre. Prior to that, he worked with Cognos France HQ for south Europe. Reporting to finance directors and European CFO, Boris has held many roles in the order to cash field: collections, order management, revenue recognition and accounting.

Currently, Boris is a consultant for Positive Venture Group, supporting developing companies and NGO’s as a financial controller, business administration and process advisor. Boris has been contributing to the Solar Decathlon project for several years on a benevolent basis.


geraldine lorijn_
top-notch exchange_
communications officer

Chief Communications Officer of the Energy Endeavour Foundation, Geraldine is a professional in the field of visual communication. Finding energy-efficient solutions in the field of design is one of her main driving forces.

Geraldine received her education in social sciences, art history and graphic design through institutions such as Syracuse University (Madrid), Eina, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art (Barcelona), and Parsons School of Design (Paris & New York). In 2001, Geraldine graduated with honours in visual communication from Parsons in New York.

She has worked in the presence of inspiring creative directors and designers in Paris, New York and Amsterdam, including Louise Holloway, Milton Glaser, Rogier van der Heide, Marjan Peters and Louis Mendo. Through her professional and personal experiences, she had become a very active supporter of energy-efficient solutions in the field of design, energy efficiency and in the built environment. In 2013 she founded a zero-waste design company, called Fitz-g, aiming to design and produce innovative, resource-responsible products. She won the Dutch Impact Hub Business Model Challenge Award for her first concept of creating zero-waste beach sandals.

Apart from running her own design studio, Realigned, her current focus as the Chief Communications Officer for the Energy Endeavour Foundation it to assess the Communication & Social Awareness contest during the SDE19 in Szentendre.


claudio montero_
legacy sde maestro_
competition & rules official

Claudio Montero has a degree in Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and Master’s degrees in Construction Quality Control from UPM and PGCE from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Claudio has combined his professional career as an architect, in collaboration with educational institutions and universities such as Instituto de Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Instituto de Práctica Empresarial.

Claudio runs his architecture and real estate office in association with MAR Real Estate firm. Since 2008, he has been an integral part of the Solar Decathlon Europe; Claudio held key positions in the SDE Organisation in 2010 and 2012 in Madrid (Spain) and 2014 in Versailles (France).

He has developed a clear vision to identify fundamental challenges that confront the competing teams, providing clear paths toward the SDE aims and goals. Claudio guarantees his specific knowledge in the field of energy efficient buildings, and is the renowned expert behind the Worksite Area for Teams (WAT), the official communication platform between the competing teams and the SDE Organization.


priscilla zhang_
micro macro_
analytics officer

Chief Analytics Officer of the Energy Endeavour Foundation, Priscilla is a graduate architect active in the international communication and design community. Her biggest interest is to evolve cultural and learning exchanges, be it professional, design or technical related.

Currently based in the Netherlands, Priscilla graduated from the University of Illinois and the Delft University of Technology, focusing on architectural projects within today’s urban setup and cityscape. Addressing the context of each architectural proposal, Priscilla aims to design for each city’s contemporary issues and potentials.

Passionate about international design and communication scenarios, Priscilla served as an Observer and the Contest Official for China’s first Solar Decathlon Competition in Datong, in 2013. She sticked around and interned as the creative and design assistance for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition in Versailles. Eager to get to know students in a European setting showcasing state of the art design, the SDE14 drew her in.

As the Chief Analytics Officer at the Energy Endeavour Foundation, Priscilla applies her former organisational experience in design and planning skills to facilitate the preparation of next editions of the SDE by strategically coordinating textual and visual materials as the competition evolves.

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